3 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo

Eat, Pray, Love is a memoir on a woman’s search for everything and what she discovered during her travels. That book inspired a lot of women to travel alone, and with great reason. Traveling solo is the one of the most freeing things a person could do, put the books down and write your own chapter! Here are some reasons you should go at it alone:

You meet new people– when I traveled alone for 5 months, I almost was never alone. I met so many other cool solo travelers. Believe it or not, there are a lot of men and women who travel alone and there is some weird bond where we embrace each other and stick together.

We stay connected on the various social networks and voila, you have friends from all around the world you can visit or meet up in other parts of the world.

It truly is a freeing experience-, you will see how smart, independent fearless and resourceful you are. You change the way you think and the way you operate. You will teach yourself things that you didnt know you can do. While visiting Seoul Korea for the first time, I learned how to use the subway system, the hard way, cause at the time I couldnt read Korean and even using the English alphabet Korean still didnt help. But when I traveled to New York and used the subway system, I had a general idea of how it may work in Korea. (Mind you, I am a Texas girl and we dont have subways anywhere in the south.) I made a couple wrong turns, but months later when I returned with a friend, he was really impressed with how I knew how to navigate through the subway system and that he wouldnt be able to figure it out if he was alone. Well, if he was alone he would have, it just would have taken some time like it did me.

you get to do whatever you want- I find it very difficult to meet other people when you are with a friend or two, some friends are not as open and may feel you are neglecting them. You may not always want to do the same things together day in and day out. So to avoid thinking for 2, traveling alone is great. The great thing about meeting other travelers on your journey is that other travelers  understand the concept. We are always moving at our own pace so I might have the time of my life with a group of people and be able to pack up the next day, say my goodbyes and do it again somewhere else with another great group of people.

You will grow– While taking a van from Thailand to Laos we got out of the van at a rest stop to use the restroom and have a quick lunch, I shared a table with a young French guy and a girl from Los Angeles I was sitting next to in the van. The French was alone and super quiet, even in the van he was quite. So we sat with him and sparked up a conversation, long story short, he came on the trip to learn to be more open and social. He was a very handsome and charismatic guy, just super shy and wanted to over come that. And he did, as the trip went on, all three of us stuck together in Laos and met even more friends, by the time I saw him again a couple weeks later in Thailand, he just blossomed with confidence.

There are so many more stories like that, but I say all this to say, when you travel alone you will inadvertently challenge yourself and grow.

It is not as scary as you think, everyone who is willing to travel should travel solo at some point in there lives, once you try it, you will understand what I’m saying.



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