Cute kid at the beach

Cute kid at the beach

About Me

I grew up in a small military town in Oklahoma of all places, I didn’t play with barbies and I was freaked out by stuffed animals; but as a kid my favorite “toy” was a globe my mom bought me at a garage sale. I would close my eyes, spin it and wherever I pointed to, I told myself that’s where I was going. In reality I wasn’t going anywhere, I was just a kid from humble beginnings.

From a young age I had been fascinated by new worlds and cultures. My parents are originally from Honduras so I got a head start with experiencing and learning a second language, other cultures and food. In hindsight, It’s no surprise that once I decided to start traveling I went a little buck wild with it. I hope this ride lasts forever.

I currently live in S. Korea teaching English as a second language and moving to Bali, Indonesia in about a month for some exercise, meditation and personal growth. I’ve been to Honduras, Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, St. Marteen, St. Lucia, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Taiwan, Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia. I hope to make it to more places this year while I freelance, but we will see!


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About Vacation Envy

As I have traveled, it has been inevitable that my friends and family are overly interested in everywhere I’ve been. That’s normal for any person. They want to see pictures, know details. Many of my friends have visited the same countries or they have been to a countries I am interested in visiting and we end up swapping info.

Vacation Envy is a website in development created to be a social travel guide for travelers, share travel photos, and travel details with your friends and family so that you dont have to rack your brain for the sites you saw and the fabulous restaurants you ate at without having to create a full on blog.

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