Raising Funds For Vacation Envy

Last week I spoke to a very talented group of web developers in Houston, and it is estimated to be about $10K – $15K just to design the app. Approximately $50K – $60K to create a functional app. In hindsight, I should have studied web development in school! It’s obviously a lucrative career. I’ve worked with a couple web developers in the past for different jobs and 3 out of 3 I paid and they didnt create a functional site. My last developer in England was my biggest disappointment. I spent everything I have saved for the website. He sent me the link to his website: http://digiology.tv and it all looked legit, and I still think it is. We spoke almost every week until he disappeared on me a couple of months ago. And there went the time and money I spent on Vacation Envy.  I am still trying to contact Cooper with no response. But I am still trying to keep hope alive with trying to raise funds on Kickstarter, HERE is the link to my campaign, a small donation of only $5.00 goes a long way! Thank you in advance. Mila

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