10 basic things men should wear on vacation

I was talking on the phone with a friend this morning who is traveling abroad next week. He briefly said that he didnt know what kind of clothes to pack for his trip, so I was inspired by him to write this post.

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1. T-shirt

Hot, cold, in any weather, they are so versatile you need to pack a plain t-shirt.


2. Bring a sweater or pullover

When you travel by airplane, train or bus, it can get quite cold so make sure you have something warm to wear.

3. Jeans

No need for an explanation here. Jeans are comfy and fashionable.


4. Polo

Not a basic as a t-shirt but dressy enough to go on tours or take a cute girl out on a lunch date.

5. Chinos

You can easily dress chinos up or down. Whether you are going for dinner or sight seeing, these are great for when you dont want to wear shorts or jeans.

6. White button down shirt

Keeping one white button down shirt wont hurt, you never know if you’ll get invited to a wedding, a fancy dinner or a spontaneous interview, its always safe to have one on you.

7. Blazer (optional)

I only say ‘optional’ because it does depend on where you are going. But a cute single guy with a blazer on the airplane will always catch the girls eye!

8. Comfortable hybrid shoes

I say ‘hybrid’ because these are shoes that can be dressed up or down. The leather shoe below is both comfortable and stylish; plus great for any kind of weather. Converse shoes go with everything, they are comfortable to walk in. You can walk miles in them or play basketball with the local kids and still feel comfortable.

9. Swim shorts

The awesome thing about vacation is that there is usually a beach or a pool involved, so be prepared.

10. Sunglasses

You look cool and you keep the sun out of your eyes.

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